Cleaves Family Law Coronavirus Plan

With school districts continually extending the date for at-home learning and more and more businesses following suit, Cleaves Family Law is still fully operational and available to meet your family law needs.

Our attorneys and staff are safe and working remotely.

The safety and security of our staff, clients, and their families are of the utmost importance to us. Each of our attorneys and staff are set up to work remotely from the safety of their homes with full access to phones, e-mails, and files. Our work on your case is a seamless transition and you will experience no interruption to your case as a result of our change in temporary workplace.

Call us at the same number you always have.

You can reach us during normal business hours at the same telephone number we’ve always had – (972) 403-0333. Our phone lines ring through to us and if you reach the auto-attendant, you can select the extension to reach the person you are trying to call. It’s as simple as that.

We are available for consultations and meetings by video meetings or phone calls.

Understanding your legal rights in a divorce is a crucial step before making such an important decision about your life. We recommend video meetings so that we can “meet,” putting faces to names and voices. We have full capability to set up secure video meetings using the Ring Central platform. Our video conferencing application is HIPAA compliant, set up to protect your most important personal information and communications with us. (Did you know that Texas attorneys are required to comply with HIPAA laws just like medical professionals?) And if you’re just not comfortable using a video meeting platform, we can be available by phone for you too.

We have divorce options that will not be impacted by court delays and future backlogs.

Like any other business in the country right now, courthouses are struggling to protect their employees and the public from exposure to COVID-19. Cases, hearings, and trials deemed “non-essential” are being postponed. And in cases of divorce, this can have a domino effect in your personal life – initiating child support payments, closing on a new home mortgage, dividing retirement assets; the list goes on. Our firm focuses on representing clients in the Collaborative Divorce process, a settlement process designed to help divorcing couples reach agreements on the division of their financial estate, how time with their children will be divided, and how they will make ongoing important decisions about their children (such as medical and educational decisions). Mediation by video meetings is another option we have available for clients. There is no involvement from judges or trips to the courthouse. So while lots of firms find themselves challenged to help clients with limited courthouse access, we at Cleaves Family Law are still doing what we do best – helping clients of divorce without the assistance of the courthouse. That hasn’t changed in this crisis. And our commitment to peaceful resolution of divorce will continue long after we all endure this pandemic.

We’re here for you.

To our current clients, former clients, and future clients – stay safe. And know that if you need us for your family law needs, we are here and available for you.

Family Law/COVID-19 Resources

Texas courts are keeping a watch on how this pandemic may be affecting divorced families from a legal perspective. Below are links to orders issued by courts regarding possession and access orders of the Texas Family Code:

Texas Supreme Court – June 29, 2020

Collin County  - March 17, 2020

Dallas County – March 17, 2020

Denton County – May 26, 2020 (notification of positive COVID-19 diagnosis)

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